N Y C   S E R V I C E   I L L U S T R A T I O N

Illustration, Art Direction. Agency: Sid Lee NY. Illustration support: Christina Michelitsch, Asuka Kondo.
Art Director: Brad Warsh, Copywriter: Michael Grosso, Creative Director: Dan Chandler
NYC Service, the volunteering arm of New York City, was facing a growing problem of convincing New Yorkers to volunteer for their city. To cut through the New Yorker’s ever growing apathy towards volunteering we introduced “Good for you good for the city”, a new way to talk about volunteering that speaks to the slightly selfish side of New Yorkers.  Inspired by public space, street signage, announcement posters, we created an eye-catching neon color palette to go with our messages. Simple, fun and iconographic line illustrations wrap around the copy playfully and support our statements. 


We made our branding come to life in a practical way, and decided to design a collection of work wear pieces, utilizing the illustrations we’ve created as pattern prints. To find your perfect volunteering opportunity in an easy way, we created an app that provides you with tailored results to your personal preferences, taking into account the time you can dedicate to volunteer work, your interests and location.